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Think. Think before you speak.  Think about the future and the past.  When someone asks you a question, think before you answer.  Choose your words thoughtfully and think about the feelings of others.  Think logically when chaos surrounds you.  Think about what you are doing and ask yourself if you should be doing it.  Don’t rationalize your words and actions based on the words and actions of others; think about what you put out in the world and make sure it delivers the meaning you intend.  Pause and catch your breath; just take a moment and think.  Think about everything and nothing, and if you still aren’t sure what you should do; think twice.

With so many people on the internet today, our words and ideas reach millions in a matter of seconds.  We post with wild abandon and often don’t give a second thought to what we have placed in the vast chasm of cyberspace.  It’s a problem.

I am very outspoken, and I have to admit that I am guilty of hitting that post button before clearly weighing the impact my words and ideas will have on others; passion, anger, love, excitement fear; all can cause a momentary lapse in judgement.  I want to believe that all of the crap I see on-line isn’t necessarily intended to be insulting, but I am often baffled at what people are willing to attach their name to before sending it off into the abyss where anyone with an internet connection can read it. I’m not talking about the rash political comment or the embittered post about an ex or the ever-present, poorly timed family photo; I’m talking about the calculated, unfiltered sharing of photos, comments and links that are ultimately intended to do damage.

Think.  Just think for a minute; a split second.  Think.



“When you feel most pressured to answer or act, wait.  Wait a moment or two before speaking.  Wait three days before deciding.  Wait until all your inner turmoil settles and your answer rises to the top with crystal clarity.  Make them wait, even if it makes them a bit crazy.  When you’ve planted new seeds in your life, you must simply wait until it’s time for them to bloom.  Things happen when they happen, and your wishing, willing, pleading, and jumping up and down won’t speed up the process.  Wise women know to wait and how to wait.  Wait patiently.  Wait with dignity.  If you’ve been taught to hate waiting, turning your attention somewhere else may help time go faster.  Better yet, learn to wait doing nothing at all.”  ~ Rachel Snyder

Waiting.  Constantly waiting.  I am an exhausted lesson in patience.  I have put things on the shelf to let them mature, I have nurtured ideas and thoughts in an effort to help them grow, and I have busied myself with other events to pass the time.  I am waiting.

My life is a series of postponements.  I wait on government offices to finish paperwork.  I wait on students to finish assignments.  I wait on Emma, in the pouring rain, to decide she is done with her walk and ready to return home.  I wait.  It’s okay, really.  I am learning each day that waiting does not have to be a torturous endeavor, but can actually become a strong practice in patience.

Are you able to wait?  Can you postpone your gratification and not go nuts in the process?  Do you fret and brood while you wait?  Why?  Why not take a deep breath and accept that waiting is actually part of the bigger picture?  Enjoy the build-up, the suspense, the waiting.  The world moves at a pretty quick pace and we are losing the art of waiting gracefully.

Right now, in this moment, I accept I have no control over many things in my life.  I am at the mercy of others and I have to trust that my plan, my idea for my life, is going to transpire when it is time.  I can’t force the speed with which my life unfolds, so I wait.