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Get Simple

 “I went broke believing, that the simple should be hard.”  ~Matt Nathanson

Sometimes life just needs to be simple.  Good coffee, cozy blanket, happy dog, a morning kiss.  Simple.

Take some time out of your busy day and simplify.  Empty your mailbox, clean out your car, don’t work late, loosen your tie.  With everything in the world working so hard at making us structure and micromanage our daily lives, it’s important to simplify from time to time.

It’s ok to stop and breath; let out a nice big sigh.  If all we are is a series of superficial engagements, we miss what’s really happening in our life.  Don’t miss it.  Get simple.



 “Sometimes the ups and downs of life need to be balanced by the evens.  Between your peaks and valleys, plateau.  For a while, seek neither the highest heights nor the deepest depths.  Let things be on an even keel.  Plateau.  Give yourself a respite from the drama and the turmoil.  Take a break from the incessant push to find a new job, to upgrade your computer, to meet the perfect somebody, to gain ten pounds or lose twenty, to move to a new city, to go back to school.  When things level off, let them stay level.  Recharge and refresh your batteries.  Look to the horizon without rushing to touch it up close.  There will be more highs; there will be more lows.  But for now, take it easy; plateau.”  ~ Rachel Snyder

I’m getting close to  my plateau.  The crazy stir of my life is slowing down and I am able to see level ground more easily now.  For months, time has been my enemy.  Now, time is my motivator.

I’m almost done here.  I’m making my plans, organizing, preparing.  I’m treading carefully, but I’m not looking back.  I feel the rise of my path beginning to level out now.  For the first time in months, my plateau is coming into view.

The turn of my life is slowing down and I have found my place with an amazing woman.  I have waited a so long to find someone who wants me to be me, from the beginning, she has wanted me to be myself.  All my flaws, my bad habits, my wonky smile, the crazy hair, my love of dogs, my quiet and my loud; she wants that.  With so much happening at the speed of light over the past year, I  have to catch myself sometimes and look around, just to make sure it’s all real.  It is.

She is my plateau.