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She Loves My Dog

You ever meet a girl and start to feel the sparks of attraction ignite, only to realize that she is not the least bit interested in one of the most important things in your life?  Sure you have, and you’ve tried to work it out and make adjustments and concessions, but you eventually realize that it was doomed from the beginning. You split up and go your separate ways….. all because she didn’t like your dog.

The problem always starts when you take a girl over to your place for the first time.  You open the door and there is the love of your life, wagging her tail and brushing up against you, so happy to see you.  Your furry companion is curious and begins to sniff your new friend, wagging all the time.  “Oh wait, who is this?  Is this your new friend mom? She smells nice.  I think I will give her a kiss.”  Then it happens; your date does what you have been worrying about all night long; the slow turn to the side get-away-from-me move. This move, perfected by those who have no interest in dogs, is a dead give-away that your night will probably end with you snuggling up to a cold nose instead of a warm body.

It’s not easy finding that special girl who will snug up your dog on the first date, or cuddle on the sofa with both of you while you watch a movie; nope, those women are few and far between.  Well guess what ladies, I found one.  I found the perfect girl. That’s right!  Not only is she smart,funny, and an amazing kisser, but she also loves my dog.  You heard me; she loves my dog. How perfect is that?!

My girl dotes on my dog Emma as though she had raised her from a pup herself.  “Do you think Emma is ok?  I don’t want her to get too hot, should I put some ice in her water?  Maybe Emma would like a special breakfast this morning.”  That’s right, she loves my dog.  She is always aware of Emma’s needs, and does everything she can to keep her happy and safe. She loves my dog.

As fate would have it, I married that sweet girl, and now she does everything she can to keep both me and Emma happy and safe.


The Emma

Well, I can think of nothing more inspiring right now than my dog.  That’s right, my dog.  The wildly confusing Kelpie I refer to as ‘The Emma’ is everything to me; my early morning alarm clock, my personal trainer, sometimes my headache, but always my smile.

‘The Emma’ is a rescue pup.  She was at a kill shelter for several weeks, but she was moved to a no-kill shelter just days before she was slated to take her final walk.  I don’t have much information about her except that she was horribly abused and neglected on a level that makes my heart break.  She weighed approximately 36 pounds, her face was covered with cuts and raw spots, her toes were covered with scabs, some of her teeth were broken, and every bone in her body showed through her dull, dry coat.  She was in pretty rough shape, and her size made her less desirable than the other dogs at the shelter.

I watched her lying in her kennel for a few minutes, her long slender legs stretched out in front of her and crossed under her chin,  before deciding that I wanted to meet her.  They brought her into the play room and I sat down on the floor and waited for her to approach me.  She didn’t wag her tail at first, she just walked around me with her head hung low and her tail tucked safely between her legs.  I talked to her quietly and waited patiently for her to make her move.  All of a sudden, she crawled onto my lap and laid her head on my shoulder.  Done.  ‘The Emma’ chose me.

Today,  ‘The Emma’ is a bright-eyed, shiny coated, 57 pound Kelpie mix.  She is strong-willed and very intelligent, a combination that often takes a firm resolve and tons of patience on my part.  She is a challenge, but I can think of no other pup I would want in my life right now.  I think she made a good choice.

I Need a Time-Out!

Ok.  Last night I had a little bit of a meltdown.  I had a tantrum, a fit.  I was a bit curt with my favorite person, I slammed things, huffed and puffed around the apartment, and eventually had to take Emma for a really long walk to get myself down from the ledge.

I’m in the middle of some of the biggest changes of my life, and I don’t actually have much say in how things transpire.  Consequently, I am a little stressed at the continued situation of not having complete control over the major events unfolding in my life.  I am forced to wait on others right now; governments, agencies, organizations.  I am at the mercy of strangers and it makes me uncomfortable.

I took a moment to catch my breath last night as I crawled into bed, and I once again found that place in my mind that works so hard at reminding me that everything will be alright.  I tossed and turned a bit, but I woke up with a better attitude and a positive outlook on the whole situation.  I am throwing aside the worry, it doesn’t help.  I’m walking forward by faith and I know in the end, the results will be exactly what I have been waiting for all these months.

Yes, I had a tantrum, but I put myself in a time-out and I have regained my balance once again.