We met years ago.  Coffee chats, happy hours, vacations, 3Days, Christmas, arguments and make-ups, kids, family, mother’s day, cook-outs, beaches, crude humor and most of all love.  In and out of each others’ lives, sometimes days, sometimes months.  Picking up where we left off, feeling strength in our friendship.  Forgetting what pulled us apart, just grateful for the continued connection.  We drift in and out of the lives of others without explanation.  There is no rhyme, nor reason, to the flow and ebb of friendship; it comes and goes like the changing seasons of each year.  

Seasons.  Yup, it’s like that.  Friendship is kind of a fluid thing for me. People come into my life and stay for a while before moving on, and I understand that their season with me might be over.  Then there are the people who float in, almost unnoticed, set up shop in my heart, build a comfortable little niche, and stay season after season; those are my friends.

Friendship isn’t easy for me; at best it’s a leap into a big, dark abyss.  Let’s be honest, the infancy of friendship is kind of scary.  You meet someone and start to identify in which direction their moral compass is set, and with any luck you find yourselves on the same page about the important things in life; truth, family, love, morality.  You keep your fingers crossed with every new adventure until you finally start to relax into each other, and then one day you realize; friend.

With friendship comes change.  Life will pull you in different directions at times, and hopefully pull you back together again at some point; but true friends always seem to have a place marker in your heart somewhere.  You might not talk to them for days or weeks or even months, but you still save them a seat at the table and patiently wait for their season to bring them around again.  It will happen at an unexpected time; no reservations, no forewarning, no real reason.  They pop in for a quick hello, and you start to realize they never really left.

Seasons.  Yup, it’s like that.


2 responses to “Seasons

  • WestyC1

    lol I know who you are silly. Don’t disappear again, ok?

  • thingsfrommybrain

    Wow. It took me dam long enough to figure this site out, get a ‘blog’ (had to register for one in order to leave responses) and get on here….This is SO true, inn’it?! This is true of anyone that will always be let back in, and in my case as well, those are typically few and far between. There are some, not many, but you my dear are one of the few. It really has been nice to re-connect with you and I am very happy for you and the new direction your life has taken you. You deserve happiness, everyone does (well, most everyone…), and I count myself lucky that we were able to reconnect and keep the great relationship we had into one that we “have”! Am also excited to meet the wife, please let me know next time you’all come this far south and I will endeavor to make my way back up to your neck of the woods again some day! XXXOOO (p.s. this is someone you knew as SG1 at one time…your MD-pal)

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