“Ignore ignorant minds and ignorant actions.  When half-truths or untruths are cast in your direction, ignore them.  When you receive letters filled with vituperative trash, tear them up and throw them into the fire.  To repel unwanted and untoward advances, ignore them.  Ignore all kinds of verbal slings and arrows.  Turn away, turn around, and walk away.  Turn the other cheek.  Say good-bye, and then hang up the phone.  Pay no attention to the ravings of jealous fools.  Ignore unfounded slurs on your character and your reputation.  Give them no fuel, and they will eventually die out.  To reject, ignore.  To snuff, ignore.  You suffer no ignominy when you choose to ignore.”   ~Rachel Snyder

 Change is difficult.  Sometimes the people in your life don’t agree with the changes you are going through; they resist and sabotage the change every step of the way.  Ignore them. Ignore them all.

Embrace your change and keep your focus. Don’t let the negative energy of others stall you out half way through, push harder and keep moving forward.  Those who do no support your journey, don’t need to join you.  Ignore everything, and everyone, that isn’t in line with where you are headed.  Ignore the negative, the bitter, the dislike; just ignore it.


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