“Remember that life is in the being, not the doing.  Be every bit of everything that you are.  Be tough, be soft, be dramatic, be subdued.  Be a little bit of this and a little bit of that.  Be the one who always show up on time or be the one who lives according to her own inner clock.  Be the one who never forgets a detail or be the one who never remembers.  Be happy when you feel like it and be sad when you’re down.  Be who you are – not who they told you you should be.  Be able to cry in front of someone you hardly know, if it’s time to cry.  Be willing to be real.  Be talkative if you are; be quiet if you’re not.  Be ready to drop your masks and your protective armor and be genuine.  Be in the moment, be in the light.  And just when they think they know exactly who you are, be prepared to be something altogether different.”  ~ Rachel Snyder

This is me, just being.  I’m not what people expect.  I’m not always what I expect.  I surprise myself and sometimes disappoint myself too.  I am just me, and it is enough.  Enough for anyone that knows me; enough for the one who loves me.  I can be a million different things, but I choose to be me.

I’m in love.  I’m falling deeper each day.  She gets me.  She lets me be. I am happy and safe; I’m grabbing onto my other half.  I will be true and honest and strong; loud and laughing and soft.  I finally found someone who embraces the me I am going to be, and I am going to try and be whatever she needs; quite simply, I will be me.

I’m going to be.


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