“If you’re eating too much too quickly, fast.  Fast completely for three days.  Fast with juice, fast with water, fast with a very few select foods.  Fast because you’ve gotten too sluggish.  Because you’re feeling bloated all the time.  Fast because you’ve gotten  to slow.  Fast to clean your insides out so you can have a clearer view from the outside in.   Keep quiet when you fast, and listen to what your gut says:  that you’ve been swallowing too much, that you’ve been taking on so many new ideas that you can’t digest them fast enough, that you need to let go of a whole lot of … stuff.  If the idea of fasting makes you say ~ Whoa, not so fast!, then start with a half-fast attempt.”  ~Rachel Snyder

It is time.  I have been putting it off for months, always finding one excuse after another.  I find myself in a hypocritical situation today.  I told someone very dear to me that she needed to stop trying to find loopholes for her situation, and here I am doing the same thing.  It’s time.

I’m tired.  I’m slow.  I’m sluggish.  I’m not fast, therefore I must fast.  I’m not looking forward to it, and I know it is going to suck.  At the same time, the end result is a clarity I am missing right now.  I want the clarity of my physical self that I used to possess.  I can still remember that girl; strong, swift, toned and energized.  I want that girl back.  It’s funny, but if I had not quit in the first place, I wouldn’t have to start all over.

Fresh starts, new days, they are just old beginnings that were left behind after a short time of struggle.  This time has to be different, lasting.  I’m not getting any younger, and it will be harder now than it has ever been.  I’m not running on empty, I’m just not running on all cylinders right now.  It’s an easy fix, in theory, but the practice is what will make it difficult.  It’s okay; it’s time.

Difficult or not, I have to start somewhere.  Plus, my grandmother always told me that life was full of easy things and hard things, and the hard things are  what make life so good.  Well guess what grandma, it’s about to get really good.


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