“Your address, your body, your bookshelf.  Shake out anything in your life that’s rusty, stiff, or stuck and get it into motion.  Take a walk, take a hike,  take a step  away from stagnating jobs, relationships, and life patterns.  Change perspective.   Move closer to people who meet you with authenticity and who nourish your wildest dreams.   Move away from everybody else.  You don’t have to move mountains; shifting a single pebble can work wonders.   Make your move – any move – now.   If you wait until you have more money, more security, more grace, more anything, you’ll never move anywhere at all.”    ~ Rachel Snyder

It’s time to move. Quickly, quietly, without hesitation.  Move.  That’s right, move.  I’m moving it all; life, perspective, career, love, dog, books.  I’m moving.  I’m packing up, purging out and pushing forward.  Making my  lists, I can see how close I am to my departure, and my arrival. My excitement is growing, my fear subsiding, my patience is fluctuating from day to day.

It’s time to move.  I’m ready to go.  I’m already there in my heart.


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