” Get our of your own way and let your life flow with the grace of a clear mountain stream.  Stop trying to orchestrate and manage your way through life.  Stop trying to swim against the current; the struggle will get you nowhere and will exhaust you in the process.  Flow into and out of your days without clinging desperately to worn-out ideas, deadened hopes, lifeless relationships.  Let go and let flow.  Spend time on the banks of a river, creek, or waterfall.  Feel the serenity and east of the effortless flow.  Remember how a stone that is tumbled and carried by the flow ends up smooth and polished, with no rough, ragged edges.  Be that stone and go with the flow.”  ~ Rachel Snyder

A few weeks ago I made a profound decision; I decided to stop worrying about my life and start living it.  Seems like a silly thing to have to consciously decide, but I was at a point where all I did was worry and fret about all of things going on in my life; a very futile activity.  I couldn’t live like that any longer, so I pulled up my big girl pants and marched into a new way of thinking.

I wake each day and realize that I am capable of handling any challenge my life has to offer.  I believe in being proactive, checking my perspective, and having a plan; always with the understanding that I might have to stop and turn on a dime at any given moment.  Rapidly changing my direction and adjusting my view is what my father refers to as life; the ever-changing sea of possibilities and pitfalls that we wade through on a daily basis.

My life is amazing, spectacular, and completely unpredictable.  I have a plan, my dog, a stack of journals, and my favorite person to keep me safe and cheer me on through each day.  I am going with the flow now; no worry or doubt to cloud my view.  I’m not afraid to stumble and tumble through some of my days; sometimes it’s just the way it has to be if I want to lose the rough edges.


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