“Imagine all the possibilities of your life in one large, glorious pile.  Now start sifting.  Painstakingly examine each grain, each morsel.  Do you want it?  Need it?  Does it serve you?  Decide what stays, what goes, what gets folded in together.  Sift slowly and mindfully.  It may take months or years.  Or your entire life.  Once you’ve sifted things into neat piles, start the process all over again.  Sift and resift, sift and resift.  Wheat from chaff, sand from jewels, truth from illusion.  Let the insignificant details fall through to the ground, leaving what’s solid, what matters, behind.”   ~ Rachel Snyder

Sifting through my life is a daily process.  I stumble over the junk and strive to search for the keepable items.  It really isn’t as difficult as you might think; you just have to muster up your courage and dive right in.  Sometimes I find things I’m not proud of and I stop and think about why I have kept them around; it dawns on me that having reminders of difficult times helps me keep my hands on the helm so I don’t veer off my current path.  The tough reminders have their own vault, one with gentle locks and peep holes; all intended to keep them contained and controlled until I need them.

The beauty of my life is neatly categorized and displayed in showcases of color and love.  I sit among those showcases and feel safe, surrounded by all the wonderful days of my life; and each day I continue adding to my extravagant display.  I take the hours and minutes of what I consider my finest moments and strategically place them into the appropriate categories; life, love, dogs, marriage, family, adventures.  I marvel at my accomplishments, not with conceit, but with wonder and awe.  I look at where I’ve been, where I am, and imagine where I will be in the future.

I continue to make space in my showcase for the future events of my life.  I clean out, sweep up, and rinse away what is no longer needed, and save space for myself and for those I love.


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