Sometimes you simply must sigh.  When no words can capture the sweet, soulful breath escaping your lips, you simply must sigh.  Sound a little hum when you sigh.  Sigh when you know exactly what your friend means, yet words would cheapen the depth of her sentiment.  Sigh when you want to respond but you’re too weary, too spent to form words, much less sentences.  Sigh when you massage a woman, solely to induce her sighing, too.  Sigh when you hear violin music that seeps int your soul.  Sigh at funerals just to keep breathing.  Sigh when someone really needs more than anything to talk – and you need more than anything to listen.  Smile a soft smile when you sigh.  Never for a sigh.  When you can sigh effortlessly at just the right moments, you will know that you are a woman, sigh, indeed.”  ~ Rachel Snyder

Sigh. It took me some time, 43 years to be exact, to accept the importance of a good sigh.  It’s cleansing and renewing, kind of like standing under a warm shower.  The cobwebs disappear and breath comes easier after a good sigh.  My heart opens up and my mind regains its balance.  Sigh.

I believe the power a good sigh can help us recapture our power; the power to see ourselves in a truer light.  The moments spent pulling in a good sigh allow us the luxury of pause, in a world that often tell us to keep hurrying.  I need to pause from time to time and take inventory of where I am in this world, who I am in this world.  The daily woes of living can cloud our judgement, wear down our resolve, and steal our confidence; a sigh can give it all back.

The next time you feel yourself spiraling downward, stop and sigh.  Pump the breaks a little and recapture your power.  Sigh.


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