Gratitude; I feel it in every aspect of my life.  I wake up and I am grateful I am alive.  I’m grateful for the hot water in my shower and the steaming coffee in my mug.  Grateful for the cute kelpie pup that wakes with me each day and drags me out into the cold for an early morning walk.  Grateful for all the romps and rest I have shared with my special one, and grateful there will be more in my future. I’m grateful for Tennessee Whiskey and 12 year old scotch.  I am grateful for my run-down car that manages to transport me safely to work and home again each day.  I’m grateful for fuzzy socks and snuggly robes, comfy jeans and well-worn TopSiders.  I am grateful.

Do you think I’m nuts?  That’s ok.  I no longer base my attitude on the perceptions that other people might have of me.  I am grateful and I feel an uncontrollable urge to make sure I say it out loud every day.  I run through the laundry list of my daily life and I realize that I have an amazing existence.  I’m happy, probably for the first time in many years.  I’m relaxed and moderately stress-free.  I don’t spend my nights wrapped in worry, and my days flow more easily now.  My friends have noticed this profound change in me and have commented on how different I seem.  I simply tell them, ‘I’m just grateful for who I am and what I have in my life.’  Sometimes they chuckle and shake their heads, mostly as a sign of uncertainty about my sincerity.  It’s okay, I understand; not everyone gets it.

It is kind of cliche to say this, but the fact of the matter is this:  I woke up one day and decided, chose to be happy.  That’s it; I just chose to feel this way.  Now I run through each day with a smile on my face, hope in my laughter and love in my heart.  I have it all!  Don’t be fooled, I haven’t been like this for very long.  A few months ago I was still wallowing in the idea that I am lonely, broke, fat, tired, under-appreciated and often ignored.  It was, to say the least, a pretty miserable existence.  I was not happy, despite having so many great things in my life.  I was not looking past what I considered problems. I was not willing to accept the things I allowed to bring me down today, weren’t really going to be that important tomorrow.  As a matter of fact, the things people obsess and worry about now, are very seldom significant in the future; they are merely wasting hours and minutes putting their energy into something that doesn’t bring any kind of positive return.

I know it sounds a bit corny, and many people will poo poo on the whole idea; I don’t care.  I am happy. I am grateful.  I am living each day, eyes wide open, ready to accept what the world places in front of me.  I own my happiness, and I will continue to choose this path over my previous one.  I was a miserable human being for a lot years, and if making a conscious choice to be happy is all it takes for me to turn my life around, then I’m going with it.

Enjoy your Friday. Be grateful.


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