Shhhh….This isn’t really a secret

I am not a hot, twenty-something, butch lesbian with a long list of sexual conquests and a twat in every port.  Nope.  I am a middle-aged, slightly out of shape, soft butch just trying to keep my head above the proverbial rip tides of my life. I am a one woman kind of woman.  I am not trendy and hip. I will not regale you with stories of hot nights at the club and mornings of confusion about whose bed I am in.  I am a teacher, a homebody, a do-it-yourselfer, a hopeful romantic who still writes love letters the old-fashioned way; with pen and paper.    I don’t take shit from people who haven’t earned the right to dish it to me.  I drink beer from the bottle and smoke cigars with my scotch.   I can’t concentrate if my kitchen is messy.  I am not afraid of change, but I struggle with the speed at which it occurs.  I always root for the underdog, and yes it’s true; I DO sleep with a nightlight.   In short, I am a  woman on her own mission to make her own path in her own time and on her own terms.

So put the whole chunk of  lesbian information and misinformation you have in your brain on a shelf for a while and just relax, take a deep breath and read; you will know me soon enough.

My not-so-secret secret is out.  Spread the word.


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